Thanks Marriott

Discussion created by iahflyr on Mar 22, 2018
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Opening emails this morning I found my 27 year Happy Anniversary greeting from Marriott.  Pretty cool (at least for this simple minded geezer) to look at some things side by side that they included:


  • Total points earned on Marriott Rewards - 2,896,948
  • Marriott hotel nights - 1128
  • Cities explored - 82 (many repeat joints for work)
  • Most visited - Barga (which is not correct as only been there once)


Not too bad I guess yet small numbers in comparison to many of you Insiders, but hey that's okay it works for me/us!


Even though I rant about Marriott policies, IT Dept. issues, etc., Marriott has been very very good to me/us over these past 27 years so THANKS MUCH MARRIOTT REWARDS for the memories and great times.