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Can someone help with getting a complaint addressed?

Question asked by anon245519 on Mar 20, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2018 by wmrobins

Hi, I desperately need some assistance. Last year we booked interconnecting rooms at the Marrriot(1 of them) in New York, arriving 23/12/2017 and staying for 11 nights. We booked interconnecting rooms (as I have 2 children) and this was confirmed in writing. When we arrived we were told that the property doesn't have interconnecting rooms. Anyway as you can imagine, this became a nightmare. We ended up having to take other accommodation in the hotel and we were not in interconnecting rooms which caused issues. Despite writing to the Marriott 3 times they have not responded). Its all too hard.

Can someone tell me how I can contact the CEO. Their behaviour should not be allowed. In Australia this behaviour would considered misleading. The confirmation of our interconnecting rooms came from a guest supervisor who I won't name at this stage but I will in the future. They also stated that they had connected the Manager of that hotel and spoken to them about our request. The hotel manager denied any such contact as the building does not have interconnecting rooms.