Time for Titanium Elite

Discussion created by anadyr on May 23, 2010
Latest reply on May 27, 2010 by clynch95

I was one of those who found the idea of a "Plutonium Level" in Marriott Rewards to be relatively unappealing, but now have changed my mind.


How about a Titanium Level?


Plutonium, as all amateur physicists know, does not exist in nature and has only destructive uses in weaponry, but Titanium does exist and is perhaps the most precious of all metals, not in price, but in value as a workhorse element   Highly resistant to corrosion and very strong for its weight, Titanium is a wonder metal, and freely distributed throughout the Earth's crust.


Titanium Elite credentials might include the metal in the membership card.  The card could symbolize strength and loyalty at the same time.


As for the new level, it might be reserved for those whose loyalty is the highest, perhaps those who have earned five million or more lifetime points, have over 25 years continuous membership in Marriott Rewards, and at least ten years as a Platinum Elite or Platinum Premier member.


Possession of the Titanium Elite card would open doors at Marriott, literally and figuratively, to a very select group of people who have spent a career being very loyal to Marriott.


  • Suite upgrades with guarantees within 48 hours
  • Complimentary meals, not just breakfast at all properties, including resorts
  • Use of a car service in larger properties
  • Titanium Elite gifts, chosen by the card holder on an interval basis throughout the year, based on number of stays.
  • Pickup and drop-off at Fixed Base Operators within 50 miles of a hotel (n.b.:  National Rental Car offers this for its top tier Emerald Elite members)


Anyone think this is a good idea?  Or not?