Your last chance to LNF Double TIPPLE !

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The Double TIPPLE event is around the corner, and a lot has already been said & written on the unattractive 'special insiders' rate of 169 USD. You can refresh your memory with the following:

LNF rate still available for Insiders gathering!

A better rate for Double TIPPLE!!!

And yes, on a few occasions even offered lower rate than that, and recently some people who booked this rate had to struggle canceling it since it was one sided changed to non-cancelable by the hotel.


So... as indicated in my guide (Using the 'Look No Further' rate - All you need to know+Tips ) lower rates are very hard to find when your check in date comes closer.

Still, if you act NOW you can get a better rate compared to the current rate offered on of 189\night (regular rate - free to cancel):

On you can find a 180\night rate (for 4/27 - 4/29) which will reduce your rate to 135\night after your claim is approved. This info is actual only to the time I wrote these lines, as websites tend to change frequently, so if you're lucky and would like to attend this event - you can still make it!!


If you're unfamiliar with the Best Rate Guarantee policy of Marriott and with the Look No Further rate, than just read my guide in the link above.

It's better to start late than never, as our dear fellow, erc, can testify himself