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What is the point anymore

Question asked by pwpep1 on Mar 20, 2018
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This is my first post here and my questions is "Why" continue to be a loyal customer to Marriott. I have attained lifetime platinum status so I can say that I know why I was a loyal customer back in the day but now their is really no differentiator between Marriott and any other chain that makes me want stay loyal at this point. I have been platinum status most of my time and back in the 80's and 90's I would get the complementary room upgrades almost every time and the welcome gifts were a bottle of wine and fruit and cheese. Now its do you want another 500 points added to your account and a bottle of water oh and we are sorry but there are no upgrades available for a life time platinum guest.  The things that made me loyal to this brand are gone for the most part all I get is additional points no room. I have even called the platinum line and ask that the upgrade be requested in the reservation and still nothing.

So my questions is:


"Why should I continue to be loyal?"

What am I doing wrong that I am just one of the many and not part of the elite group Marriott professes me to be? are others seeing this? If so what are you doing and if you are going too another brand what do you recommend?


I have spent over 2 years in a Marriott hotel of some sort and will most likely spend another 2 before I am retired. I just want that feeling of being appreciated back even if it is not Marriott..


Thanks I look forward to feedback..