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Chase Marriott Rewards Credit Card finer details

Question asked by fain on Mar 19, 2018
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I had a few questions about the Chase Marriott Rewards credit card…


1) There's an Elite Night Credit for each $3000 one spends. But if you don't spend $3000 in a year, does the balance "roll over" into the next year? e.g. if I hypothetically spend $100/month on the card, will I still get an elite night credit after 30 months? Or does it reset occasionally/annually?


2) 15 nights of elite credit are given on the anniversary date of the card. Is it possible to change one's anniversary date, so the 15 night credit can come earlier in the year?


(I figured if anyone would know this, it would be an Insider who also geeks out on these details. ) Thanks!