What's the point ?

Discussion created by fistuk on Mar 18, 2018
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As you all know, we can choose whether to earn airline miles or the regular Rewards points. 

I was wondering why would someone choose to earn airline miles instead of Rewards points?


It really does not make sense... You can earn only 2 miles per each dollar spent, and that's less than converting Rewards points to miles!

All conversation options of Rewards points to miles are specified here:

Travel Rewards Programs | Travel and Airline Rewards from Marriott


So if, for instance, we consider how much Rewards points we need to convert for getting 10,000 miles, we see that we need 30,000 points for almost all airlines (24,000 points for United).

30,000 points are usually gained by spending $3000, so if we take the miles earning route we'll get only 6000 miles for this amount - that's 40% less!!


So again, what's the point behind the earning miles option?...