Nomination of Lisa Armstrong from Marriott Ottawa to the Spirit to Serve Award

Discussion created by zqtom on Mar 17, 2018
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I would like to nominate Lisa Armstrong from Ottawa Marriott for the Spirit to Serve Award. In my recent family stay at Marriott Ottawa, Lisa helped us booked inter-connected room so we can take care of young kids travelling with us. After we stayed in hotel for one day, there was a situation due to the kids that they cannot share the same bed, Lisa worked above and beyond to upgraded room with sofa bed for us  so the kids won’t be fighting at night for bed.  I really appreciate Lisa’s service. She is genuine nice and care to the customer need.

As a frequent business traveler, I have breakfast at Concierge lounge in different hotels most of the year. Lisa happens to run the concierge lounge in the morning shift at Marriott Ottawa. Being a Marriott life time platinum elite number, I can say Lisa is definitely the best concierge lounge staff that I have ever meet.  She took care to every guest needs, welcome every single one with a sincere smile and take care of every details.  I found many guests there also treated her as one of their close friends, she makes them feel like home.

I also find out that there are many excellent reviews about Lisa Armstrong for her excellent job, just quote a few from TripAdvisor:


  • I must say that Lisa is just wonderful, she is so friendly and welcoming, and she really takes such good care of us at breakfast, my stays at the Ottawa Marriott would not be the same without her!




  • A very friendly staff especially Lisa who always welcomes everyone to the lounge with a smile and takes the time to speak to all her guests and know their preferences.





  • I usually have breakfast in the Concierge Lounge and Lisa Armstrong and her team does a FANTASTIC job.




Thank you Lisa for your great job!!


Tom Zhang