Courtyard Marriott in Chennai

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We stayed for a total of 4 weeks (3 weeks and the. 1 week) and at the beginning of the trip had multiple rooms. There were RATS in our rooms both visits.


Because no no one could “see them” they made us feel like we were insane and making it up. We could hear them at night in the cabinet and in the walls.  They ended up moving our room and we spent an entire day moving our luggage and kids.


On the second visit we heard the same thing in the room and we were on a completely different floor. This time the response was about how we were “feeling” there was something in the room.


Fortunately this time I took audio recordings of the rat in the room. We called down and they sent 3 employees up. Initially we couldn’t hear the sound but I told them it was in the cabinet.


When they opened the door it ran out into the room. Next after being told to wait they proceeded to chase it in the room (this was at 5:00 am).  The rat was cornered and ended up running over my friends back and then they couldn’t find it.


It was our last day, they moved us to a small room initially and once we said something we were moved to a larger room.


Both experiences were ****** and now I wish I just stayed at another hotel all together. It should be noted that everyone that works there knows there is an issue an acts like the customer is insane.


Also the general manager Stephen DSouza was on the premise on 3/5 and never once reached out to me or my travel companion.


I am platinum for life, I have stayed at s Marriott over 750 nights and I have never had rats in my room that ran over me, nor have I seen the lack of professionalism from the general manager. Those under him were as accommodating as they could be once there was an actual rat (prior to that they were not).


I want all my points and additional points added to my account for the two days of lost holiday. I want the staff to be trained in handling these matters and the general manager should be removed he obviously doesn’t understand customer service and what is appropriate.


I have attached one of the recordings I have several more.