Marriott Customer Service

Discussion created by pices_im on Mar 14, 2018
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Hey guys - Has anyone tried to contact Marriott customer service using online tools i.e. emails, help form etc? I'm not sure if it's just me or overall customer satisfaction doesn't really matter anymore. I have contacted Marriott rewards program utilizing their online tool to report missing stay. It's about 15 days and have not heard back a single beep. I've also sent 3 reminders with zero acknowledgement. I travel for work quite a bit and foolishly switched over from Hilton to Marriott by listening to one of the co-worker. I haven't not experienced this bad customer service or should I say lack of service even in the middle east and third world countries. Before I move back to Hilton, I would really like to know if someone else has experienced similar issues with customer service!!! By far, this is the WORST customer service I have experienced in my 15 years of traveling for work.