Marriott Dream Tracker Feature

Discussion created by seatexan on Mar 13, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2018 by iahflyr

The other day I wanted to update my Dream Tracker.  I logged into my acct to find that the Dream Tracker was being worked on.  Oh cool! Wonder what is to come! I was excited so I went to Twitter to see what was up.


I was a bit at the response:



I was speechless really. I saw this on Marriott's site! So best I could do was send a screenshot of the proof.  I know I am not going crazy.  It was kind of funny!


A few days later I checked for an update.



I am so glad they ARE working on a Dream Tracker.  This was so helpful when planning my dream vacations and how many points I needed.  It added up all the points I needed with a pretty picture of the hotel.  When adding multiple hotels, it also added that to my total needed points, with a % on how far away I was and what number I needed. 


Sure I can still add it all up but, it's not as fun or cool or easy now.