Replacement Luggage

Discussion created by arizonatag on Mar 12, 2018
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So, I bit the bullet and purchased new luggage. My last set was good for just about 10 years of heavy air travel (Samsonite Spinners). I'm guessing 300+ airport baggage handlers each year of those 10-years (load/unload/transfers) maybe more; not to mention the automated belts and delivery systems associated with moving them from one place to another. The suit bag was starting to have the wire structure wear through that keeps its shape, so embarrassment gave way to the new luggage (Duct Tape would have only been more embarrassing). Besides, didn't want my clothes strewn in the belly of some Airplane upon landing. I like the spinner models with double wheels, so purchased them again but not Samsonite this time. Instead I went with Eagle Creek's lifetime warranty set...I'm betting they won't last any longer than the Samsonite, but they are light and sturdy and appear to be high quality (tough zippers, heavy duty ballistic nylon, solid handles, etc).


How long did you wait before your last luggage replacement? Was it because of wear and tear or just because it looked like something from the 1920's that your Grandparents would have used? Which types do you like best and why?