Any possible way to get my points that expired reinstated?

Discussion created by nhannoon2 on Mar 11, 2018
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I love Marriott!! So much that you guys are the #1 property that I always try to stay at when I boom

travel. Unfortunately, over the past two years, I have not been able to travel like I used to, there has been some unforeseen issues that came up with my family that I needed to make sure I was always around. This new responsibility came with a two year hold on my travel. Finally, I was recently looking to book a nights stay somewhere on the east coast with a friend, and I realized that I had no points available. I did a little more research and saw that there was a new (er) policy that had a 24 month expiration for no activity. I also did some research and saw that there were some others that went through this. I only received one email that said my pojnts would expire, and with the hundreda of emails I get from Marriott, it wasn’t unfortunately te that I wasn’t heavily notified about something so important more than promotional messages. So, I call in and explain my situation and further speak to a supervisor who then tells me that I can’t get my points back. I want to be a member for life and I plan to be but I was hoping that a community manager could be able to help get my points back so I am kick start my travel again and who knows maybe sign up for a card!


I look forward to hearing from someone,

all the best