Hung up on by Rewards Help Line

Discussion created by wmrobins on Mar 8, 2018
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During my WEEKLY phone call to Marriot Rewards help line to straighten out missing "Local Bonus Points" booked under rate code M11, the guy handling the call said "I can't take any more time to call these hotels" as I was giving him my 3rd reservation of the call from the prior two weeks where I am missing the local bonus points.  When I said I am not calling each of these hotels myself he said I wasn't listening to him and hung up.  Very professional Marriott!!!  If he can't take the time to track them down, I wonder how he thinks I have time to do it, I have my own 60-70 hour a week job and it sure isn't Rewards Line Help Operator...


Every week or so I call in to get these points that did not post credited for the prior two week period... seriously EVERY WEEK.  I read the help line attendant my confirmation number, read them the "Rate Details" directly from the email, which states the number of points the rate includes, they dig around and make phone calls then eventually post them.  Usually the service is professional, but it eats up 30-60 minutes of my time a week, and that's not counting keeping spreadsheets to track this stuff.  This routine is getting so old I just booked my first SPG stay in over 2 years just because I don't want to deal with it.