Why does it take so long to get billed?

Discussion created by mike.davern on Mar 8, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2018 by nipper

As a super frequent visitor (I got a valet and small notebook this year so must have made the top 3%) my biggest beef with Marriott is how long it takes for a bill to hit your charge card. You buy an Amazon item and the charge hits your credit card almost before you hit send. With Marriott, you can get a copy of the hotel bill right away and sometimes now you get the bill emailed right away (nice change) but it doesn't hit your charge for weeks. I waited 28 days for a recent stay to hit my charge. It is super annoying as I can't submit a travel expense for work until it shows up on the company credit card. I know some might not mind the long and variable delays to hit your charge card so I might be in the minority but for me it is a constant issue as I like to do the expense reports on Friday of the week that I travel. I can't do that ever with Marriott and end up sitting on these hotel receipts waiting and waiting and waiting for the bill to hit the card.