Have you heard Marriott is removing soap bars for liquid body wash?

Discussion created by trvlnman on Mar 7, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2018 by jfrowan

Perhaps I am old fashioned but I don't care for body wash.  Seems tough to get the feel off even after rinsing several times. 

Stayed at a SHS near LAX (Manhattan Beach) location last week and they didn't have soap bars. I chalked it up to being in CA and their crazy laws.  This evening I am at a Courtyard in San Antonio near the airport and they too have no soap, only body wash recently hung on the bath wall.

Don't know about others but I am not happy about this.  I stay at Marriott Properties about 150 nights per year and this will make me rethink where I stay.  If they want to have body wash so be it but at least leave a bar of soap for those who prefer.  Anyone else feel the same?