Platinum Elite Ambassador Upgrade

Discussion created by lakeway on Mar 6, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2018 by arizonatag

Ok, I normally do not vent or complain, but this is nuts.  I stay at the LAX Marriott frequently.  I have been in the Ambassador program since inception and am led to believe that we get some sort of priority in room and upgrades.  I thought the upgrade program allowed for "best available room" at time of check in.  Well tonight, I checked in and first no King - finally got a king even though they indicated "fully committed".  I asked about a suite or Exec King, which I always receive if available, and they said none are available.  However I went on line and can book the room now.  They really need to honor the program or change the program.  Is anyone else having this happen to them?  I will reach out to my Ambassador tomorrow but really don't understand why the hotel could not just make it right.