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Best Marriott in NYC for first-timers and point users?

Question asked by zeldacrazi on Mar 6, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2018 by j&c

My spouse and I are celebrating my birthday and our 8-year anniversary this August, so we are getting ready to book our first ever NYC trip! I am a Platinum member that has saved up a ton of points for this. We were leaning towards the JW Essex or the Marquis, but are open to suggestions. We're also planning on driving instead of flying, though will probably park our car somewhere and not use it again until we leave. What Marriott would you suggest?


While in town we plan on: doing a lot of walking around the city and Central Park, spending a few hours in the Nintendo store (sorry, I'm a geek!), going to a Broadway show, experiencing some nightlife, and eating a LOT of delicious food! We also want to do a cruise around the Statue of Liberty and try to catch a comedy show and/or a concert. I'd love to explore outside of Manhattan as well; we plan on spending 5 days/4 nights there. We don't mind crowds but also don't plan to do much "touristy" stuff.


Thanks guys!