Booking single nights vs multiple nights

Discussion created by ks83 on Mar 5, 2018
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globaltreker in one of the earlier posts had said that whenever he needs to book a multiple night stay at a property he books that many single nights instead. erc also said the same - the reasoning was sometimes properties charge different rates for different days and if you book 7 single nights instead of a single 7 night the FDC may just consolidate all of the 7 into a single bill and apply the cheapest rate throughout. Though this is not a guarentee its worth a shot.


I am in the initial stages of planning a bucket list trip this August for my wife's birthday and I was looking at a CY property for 3 nights. Employing the above strategy I started looking at single night rates and guess what I found that rates to be lower by almost 10$ for every single night vs booking the property for 3 straight nights.


Needless to say I booked 3 single nights and I hope that the FDC would consolidate into the cheapest night which would further save me $77 before taxes.


I would have never tried this if it werent for insiders. So thanks again.