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Hotel Burglary Case

Question asked by hjlee on Mar 5, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2018 by idt

I have stayed at AC Hotel Gava Mar in Barcelona, Spain last Friday.

Two thieves have stolen my bag from lobby working area.

We were able to identify thieves by playing surveillance video and filed policy report.

You can image what will happen if you lose your bag during international trip.

You have to go Embassy, .....


There was no hotel manger on duty during my stay.

I left a memo and sent an email to the manager.


I have called the hotel again today (Monday) but there was no hotel manager again.

This hotel may not have hotel manager.


I have not heard from the hotel yet and vey regret staying at this Marriott.

I now have to ask Marriott platinum member service on this accident.


Customer support call center just keep on routing calls and I couldn't speak to a person who can resolve the issue so far.

I will let everyone knows how Marriott takes care of platinum member on hotel burglary case.