Hotel Room Design

Discussion created by phctourist on Mar 1, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2018 by ripley62

We've been noticing (Mrs & I) that hotel rooms have been increasingly designed without regard to functionality.  Allegedly, this is due to some committee of male millennials who are advising Marriott about how rooms should be designed.  Actually some of the dumb ideas predate the millennial generation.


1.  We are asked to conserve, but then we don't get enough towel racks for towels to dry and be reused.  Marriott rarely puts recycle bins in the rooms.


2.  Comforters are put on the beds regardless of season or locale.  As a result we turn the thermostat down several degrees.  This may save heat in the winter, but in summer it causes the AC to run excessively.


3.  Increasingly, we are running into rooms without a full length mirror.  Mrstourist hates this when she wants to dress up.


4.  Closets seem to shrink every time a room is renovated.


What are everyone's thoughts on this subject.  What changes would you like to see the next time you check into a hotel?