No Platinum Recognition At Marriott Resorts

Discussion created by musictomyears on May 14, 2010
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We enjoy staying at Marriott Resorts after earning points. We are finding out that MOST Resorts do not recognize Platinum status at all.  It would be nice if the Marriott Resorts would give at least, free breakfasts maybe 4 times during a 7 day stay.  After earning all these points it would be nice to be appreciated at the Marriott Resorts too.


Las Vegas JW use to give you free breakfast, upgrade to a two bedroom suite, if available and one pass to the spa daily.  Now they do not give you an upgrade to a two bedroom suite, even if it is available, they classed it differently.   They no longer give you free breakfast.  We use to go to this resort, for these two very specific reasons.  We were very impressed with how they were different from the other Marriott Resorts, in treating their members with the Marriott platinum status earnings.   Rewards make such a difference!


We have called many Marriott resorts and they all say, we do not recognize platinum or gold status. I am wondering why?  This should be a place where Marriott could shine and say "thank you" to their loyal customers.  My husband I and have been asking each other if it is worth just staying with Marriott as a loyal member to Marriott chain, or if we should try other chains too.  It is frustrating to get zero recogination at the Marriott Resorts where they should give at least the same rewards you receive at a Marriott Hotel.  Marriott Resorts would generate even better standings with their customers if they did.


If the Marriott Resorts gave free breakfasts as the Marriott or Renaissance Hotels do, I am sure they would have an influx of happy returning customers! Reasons to stay loyal to Marriott hotel chain seems to becoming slim if the members are not given the perks like conceirge lounge, free breakfasts and free upgrades that they feel are worth staying for, even more so at the Resorts.


Marriott could endure their loyal members by just adding free breakfasts, spa access and free upgades to their Platinum and Gold members at the Marriott Resorts!