Wrong hotel booked due Marriott's IT Failure - WTF?!

Discussion created by markusramme on Feb 27, 2018
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A real crazy thing happened seven hours ago:


I am in Bangkok at the moment (in Westin Hotel) and got quite late the news that I had to extend my stay for two more nights. Seven hours ago..


As Westin (which is lovely) got quite expensive tonight, I thought: "Okay, give Marriott a chance! Let's see what they do for their Platinums!"


I had opened one new firefox window, searched in general tabs (hotelscombined, tripadvisor, google maps etc.) for marriott hotels in bangkok and also opened the marriott website to lock me into my account.



In this tab I searched for the hotels and to get the prices incl. taxes, I opened the Renaissance in Firefox Tab1, the JW Marriott in Firefox Tab2 and the Marriott Marquis in Firefox Tab3. For the JW (that I wanted to book) I saw a final price of 18.000-something THB for these two nights, refundable until 4 pm today (=check-in-day). Then suddendly someone called on my mobile and I was off the laptop / out of Firefox for approximately 20 or 25 minutes. I came back, and was in the JW Tab of Firefox. I clicked on "Reserve" (it was a refundable-rate until today 4 pm) and went afterwards direct to toilet and grab something to drink from 7/11.


I came back and saw in my Emails that the Renaissance was booked?!

Reservation number: 91914693


A non-refundable rate and even no membership rate...Cancellation window was gone already!



WTF was going on?! I was in the JW Marriott Tab, not in the Renaissance Tab. The JW was in the middle. Now there was only Renaissance on the right, Renaissance in the middle and marquis on the right. I was perplex and I rechecked it: Left tab Renaissance, still the final site before booking (i just had to click there on "reserve"), middle tab was the booking of the Renaissance and on the right tab was the final site before confirmation of the Marquis. I was shocked and forgot to take screenshot at this time - it was early in the morning and I was tired. For God's sake I found a LNF rate that still has to be given green light from the LNF department. I made a sreenshot this morning - where marriott is logged off for sure but it were these three tabs (I logged me in on the new tab on the far right side of the screenshot)


Help me please! I wanted to book the JW! It was the JW tab where I clicked on "Reserve". 18k THB. Not the Renaissance.


I did nothing wrong and am getting now a hotel that I do not want due the failure of Marriott's IT.


Attached is also a screenshot!


Thanks for your help!


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