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Platinum Premier renewal at only 75 nights?

Question asked by kills99.9ofgerms on Feb 26, 2018
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I asked this question before but didn’t receive any speculation replies, so here it is again. On the Marriott App, it says I can renew PP status with just 75 nights in 2018. Now, we all know in all the previous years PP has been around it took many more nights than 75 to qualify (usually 125 nights+) for PP. However, in 2017 I barely made 75 Marriott nights and more than 30 of the nights were point stays (redemptions) and yet I still made PP once again. What gives? Has the PP criteria gone down?


***My Marriott background may or may not help with the questions. Currently PP and I’ve been PP every year it’s been around besides one. Also LTP***



1. Does it say renew PP at 75 nights on everyone’s Marriott App who is currently PP or even just Platinum? ( I don’t use the Marriott App, so it may have always said this and I didn’t notice)

2. Is this simply a mistake by Marriott and what Marriott really means is, renew Platinum at 75 nights?

3. I did make PP 2018 and certainly didn’t have 125+ paid nights in 2017, nor am I a high roller stayer. Given this, speculate why I or anyone would receive PP given the lack of mega nights?

4. Anyone think this has something to do with SPG merger?


I’d appericate any and all thoughts on the matter.