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Marriott Chase Visa nights not coming over

Question asked by chris_bran on Feb 26, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2018 by suzysharp

Ive noticed an interesting trend with my Marriott Chase Visa Card. The month before my anniversary where Chase drops in the 15 night anniversary credit, I get stiffed with 0 nights. I find this really odd because every other month in the year I usually qualify for 1 to 3 nights in credit card spend. and this last month was no different with my spend. my anniversary credit comes in March so this is happened the last two Februarys in a row.


I called Chase about this, and Customer Service did confirm I spent enough money, so they referred me to case management. fast forward two weeks. I get a "yeah, we know its an issue and we will fix it later" letter...


Here is the funny thing, you cannot just go verify you are getting your nights credit, unless you know to look for them and see the new balance (nights get posted on about the 6 day of the month) I just saw the same event last february and started to keep track of night credits. this has happened two years in a row on the same month.


Is anyone else noticing this kind of pattern with their Marriott Chase Visa? I know its just a few nights credit, but I'm trying to Make Lifetime platinum before the end of the year and every night counts at this point.