Could it be Starpoints?

Discussion created by betterdays on Feb 25, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2018 by yogib

In November 2015, Marriott and Starwood announced they would be merging, and since then I know a number of Insiders have been speculating on what the upcoming combined loyalty program might look like.  Now if you don't like the speculating game, by all means feel free to let this thread drop off the bottom of the page. 


However if you're interested, I invite you to consider what would happen if Marriott decided to use Starpoints as currency in the combined loyalty program instead of Marriott Rewards points.


What would happen to all those Marriott Rewards points that are still out there?

How would this affect award redemptions?

How would this change elite status achievements?

Why would Marriott even think of changing its loyalty currency anyway?


I'm guessing that the fine folks currently working on the combined loyalty program specifics have had to consider at least some of these questions.  What do you think?