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Rewards Account Hacked Points Stolen Identity theft

Question asked by ecirr on Feb 24, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2018 by communitymanagers

My Marriott rewards account was hacked and my points were used at various hotels.  I contacted marriott rewards and the employee on the phone assured me that he would put in a work order to chase this down, and restore my points.  I called again when I discovered that there was a receipt on my account that I could view, with a credit card associated with this bill.  This next employee informed me that my points would be expired anyway due to lack of activity?  I was told 17 years ago when I signed up that the points i accrued would never expire.  I was platinum premium too.


How do I get marriott to chase down this issue?  Does Marriott have a security team?  Surely you can pinpoint how and when these reservations were made as well as video images of the individual checking in under my name.  Also, every time i have checked in, i have had to provide proof of ID, and credit card.  Marriott, please help.