Really quite livid at extra charges in Geneva SPG

Discussion created by the.reminder on Feb 23, 2018
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Flown over to Switzerland for my first ever visit to the beautiful country.  Checked in my first ever SPG hotel and wow was I excited.


I arrived ready, eager and the place looked amazing. The Geneva President Wilson hotel. I mean I don’t SPG ever but this was an expensive property. For one night it’s the most expensive room I’ve ever paid for.

The one thing that caught my attention was the absuberent prices inside.  The Ritz Carlton down the street had cheaper selections than this. our welcome gift of 15 Swiss francs off two drinks didn’t cover anything other than 33cl beer on the menu at 14 CHF ($15).   A bottle of water 12CHF ($13), wine per glass 16CHF ($17), tea 18CHF ($20),  cocktails 26CHF ($28) + Breakfast 49CHF ($52) per person for a conteniental!! . Like I literally gasped at some of these prices.  Really i’m not that cheap right? 

It got me thinking. We all love our hotel brand but when does pricing become too steep for no solid reason. Geneva was ranked 7th most expensive city in 2017 but it doesn’t make up for the prices in this hotel.

Attached a price list of mini bar items.