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Hanoi in January, Hotel questions and more!

Question asked by zonahiker on Feb 23, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2018 by neverstoptraveling2016

Hello All - We are traveling to Thailand, Cambodia and Hanoi December/January of this year. I have most of our days outlined but wanted to ask opinions of Hanoi in mid January. Looks like we will be in the cold season, and not sure if anyone else has experienced the area then.

First off of the two hotels, (and a third looks to be opening come the first of the year), which is a better location and experience the JW Marriott or the Renaissance Riverside?  We have 5 full days plus two half days in the area and  trying to figure out what to do! Not looking to do a beach as we will have hit the JW in Khao Lak, we will be on Cheow Lak/Khao Sok National Park for a few nights, Chiang Mai and Rai, Bangkok, and Siem Reap. This will be the end of our vacation and our only taste of Vietnam.

We did book a 1 N 2 day Ha Long Bay cruise - plan on a food tour and a walk through the Old and French Quarters combined with some museums. Struggling with wether we should do a day trip (full 5:30 am to 10pm) to Sapa and up the gondola for the view, visit the town and enjoy the countryside on the ride to there OR to send the time in the city OR go to Ninh Binh ( which seems a lot like Cheow Lake and Ha Long Bay in some aspects ).

Those of you have been to Angkor Wat could you help me decide on wether to stay in town or a little outside. Both look appealing, but not sure if near town is very noisy or not.

Thanks in advance for your collective wisdom!