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What should I do about an email I just received from Marriott Rewards?

Question asked by bradsofonia on Feb 22, 2018
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Currently I have stayed 1,333 nights with Marriott. I am a Platinum Elite Lifetime Member. In November I use some points to book a nights stay at a Marriott property for my  25th Wedding Anniversary which was this past December 19th. Due to a family issue I needed to move the date to  4 days earlier. So I canceled the reservation over 30 days prior to our stay and rebooked it for the earlier date of December 15th. We had a great time at the hotel and checked out before leaving. I even responded to a survey with glowing results. 2 months later I get this email from Marriott. Rewards letting me know that I owe the hotel money for the canceled reservation because it was less than 60 days cancelation. I also have a current rewards account with phone numbers and credit card information. The hotel never made any attempts to contact me by phone, email, or text until 2 months after our wonderful stay. Please read the email I received and what should I do next? If you read the email I am not comfortable with the wording - that they will put a hold on my benefits, or discontinue my benefits, and or remove me from the program. This did not make me happy and now I have to do all the work to get this taken care of.

Also I took my nights and multiplied it by an average of $200 per night that equals $266,000 that I have paid Marriott for my business. I am disappointed and concerned about loyalty.


Here is the email I received:

We appreciate your loyalty. Thank you for booking at the Hotel Park City on 12/19/17.  We are sorry that the stay had to be cancelled inside of the 60-day cancellation policy. You may be aware of this policy as it is displayed several times throughout the booking process. The hotel is attempting to collect the fee.  We would normally charge the credit card attached to the reservation but that was not an option in this case.  We are reaching out to on the hotel’s behalf.   Please contact the hotel at 435-940-5000 to arrange payment within 60 days.


If you fail to contact the hotel to resolve this matter, the Marriott Rewards program may place your account on hold.   The Program may also discontinue Rewards Elite benefits and services and ultimately cancel membership.


If you have already taken care of this outstanding balance, we apologize for the confusion.


The Hotel Park City will be looking forward to your prompt response.





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