Help Explaining My Current Nights Earned Total

Discussion created by pokee on Feb 21, 2018
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I've never paid too much attention to my nights earned total in my Marriott Rewards account, simply because I typically don't have too may paid stays (most of mine are reward stays).


In 2017, I had several paid stays, however - so I counted them up and something is off.  I am hoping to get clarification here on how the qualifying stays are calculated. Because your Marriott Rewards account doesn't show a detailed breakdown of nights earned, you don't know where the numbers are coming from.


I typically get 15 qualifying days added to my account each year with my Chase Visa, and I am trying to figure out if those qualifying days were accidentally not added to my account in 2017.


I had 16 paid days in 2017, but my account currently shows I have 23 qualifying days. If my 15 qualifying dates were already added, that means I had a total of 31 qualifying nights at the end of 2017.  So are the 23 nights showing as my balance now rollover nights?


(As a side note:  in Canada, we're losing our Marriott Chase Visa as of March 15, 2018, and the credit card company is supposed to be crediting an EXTRA 15 qualifying days and and EXTRA certificate once the card is done on March 15th - so obviously, those of us that may be close to getting Gold or Plat status are paying extra close attention to the math!!!)