Targeted Promo: Life Cycle 2018

Discussion created by trippinbillies40 on Feb 21, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2018 by wiscfriend

Did anyone else get a targeted promo recently?  I had noticed a "1 new promotion" on the top right corner of my promo page on my account (nothing in the app.) This has been there for a bit but every time I clicked on it nothing happened.  Well yesterday I was actually able to register for this mystery promotion, but it remained a mystery afterward. It showed up as an additional promo to the Spring Mega Bonus, but gave zero details other than "goal: 20 stays."  No mention of a title, points, t&c, etc.

Anyways, called in to the MR plat line and got some answers. I'm on Life Cycle rewards option 2. Starting with my second stay, every other stay gets 5k points. So 50k points over 20 stays max.  This is in addition and simultaneous to Spring Mega Bonus.




I never received an email and signup was shaky, so I suggest double checking your promo page on regularly just in case you get it too!