Private Hotel in San Diego

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We drove from Phoenix to San Diego Thursday afternoon (2/8) for a long weekend, staying at the Marriott Pulse, located just south of Balboa Park. We arrive after 7PM so we walked down to the Karl Strauss Brewery and split their crispy Brussel sprouts, a bowl of chili and a beer. They have good Brussel sprouts and beers.

Friday morning we walked down to Richard Walkers Pancake house, just outside the Gas Lamp Quarter, and split their famous baked apple pancake. While we were eating we noticed what appeared to be an unusual teapot on the divider between some booths. We asked our waitress about it and she said she thought it was a tea pot but that she would check with Richard Walker who was having breakfast on the patio. She confirmed it was an expensive tea pot and many times they had to rescue it from inquisitive kids sitting below it. On our way out we stopped to chat with Richard Walker. He has moved from Illinois and lives in a high rise condo next door to the restaurant.

After breakfast we stopped at the Pulse before walking up to a pocket park that had been mentioned to us by Melisa at the Concierge desk. The Tweet Street Park Park spans 3 blocks along a downtown freeway that has funky bird houses and fire hydrants for dogs. From Tweet Street we walked to the Hillcrest neighborhood. After walking around Hillcrest we started back and noticed the Hash House a Go Go which we had gone to several years ago. We decided to return Saturday morning for breakfast at the Hash House. Further on I noticed a sign leading to the Spruce St. Suspension Bridge. After crossing the bridge we wound through some charming neighborhoods before dropping into the Little Italy neighborhood. As it was close to noon by now I was thinking of grabbing a sandwich from the Mona Lisa Market. Since there was no outside seating available I looked across the street an noticed the Grab and Go sandwich stand with lots of outside seating. In all my walks around San Diego I had never seen Grab and Go, but they have been around San Diego since 1973 and there are now 4 in the downtown area. Tasty sandwich with good bread. After our sandwich we walked farther into Little Italy and as we walked past Buon Apatito we made reservations for 6:30 Friday night. When we walked back later we split a squid pasta with seafood that was very good. One of these trips to Little Italy we will need to try another Italian restaurant.

Saturday morning we walked to the Hash House and we split the Andys Famous Sage Fried Chicken Benedict. Very tasty and worth the walk. As we walked back to the Pulse we passed through the Bankers Hill district and we noticed a beautiful old building across the street from us. There was no signage on the property but I suspected that it was an old home turned into business, since there was a sign off to the side indicating staff parking. As we walked around the building I noticed a sign board next to the sidewalk. Reading the posting it become apparent that this was a “private hotel”. I have to admit that I have never heard of a private hotel. Obviously can’t get MR points here.

Saturday afternoon, as we were walking along the harbor Mrs. CO started having digestive issues. After stopping at a Westin to use the restroom we got an Uber back to the Pulse. By the time we got back she either had the flu or food poisoning. 12 hours later, Sunday morning, it was looking like food poisoning. By Sunday morning she had recovered enough to make the drive home. About 1 hour after we arrived in Phoenix I came down with food poisoning which knocked me out for 12 hours. Not the best end to a San Diego trip, but one of the risks of eating out. Still looking forward to our next trip to the Pulse.


Oh yeh, apparently the Donut Bar is a PROFITABLE San Diego donut business. This is at least the second Donut Bar Ferrari.


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