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Missing stay = Failed Megabonus...due bad customer service!

Question asked by markusramme on Feb 17, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2018 by communitymanagers

Dear Rewards-Team,


Unfortunately, at the moment, I'm quite unhappy with Marriott Customer Service.


Being Platinum (thanks SPG take-over) with Marriott, registered for MegaBonus in last autumn but am missing a credited stay for getting the free night certificate.


I had two stays in the promo period:

One stay on January 5th which was credited correctly and, this is my problem right now, one stay on December 31st 2017 to January 1st 2018 in Courtyard Duesseldorf Seestern which was still not credited to my account right now.  Funny enough to say that my Marriott Rewards number was on file and on the hotel bill. Plus the reception informed the Marriott Rewards Customer Center already on January 5th via email ( to tell them to please credit my stay there.


Reaction or any activity in my account?! Pah, for sure NOTHING!


So I sent an email to the hotel in Duesseldorf and to the marriott rewards team to please them to clarify the problem of the missing credit. Reaction?! No, not a single answer.


I am extremly unhappy about this, especially cause due this missing stay, I have not achieved the "Mega Bonus Award" - I was promised to get a Free Night Certificate for a Marriott Worldwide Category 5 if I would have two stays between September 15th 2017 and January 15th 2018. And I had exactly these two stays...


Solve this occasion please. ASAP prefered.


Thank you in advance!