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Discussion created by tker on Feb 16, 2018
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So, this week a new development. 24 hours before two different reservations I had, the status changed to "in progress" in my list of upcoming reservations. I had not done online check in in either case. Not a big deal you say....well, it was--and could be for you.


When the reservation changed to "in Progress", you can no longer view it anymore. You can see the preview in the list-showing location and dates of stay. However, you can not "open" it to see room type, rate etc. This is unacceptable IMHO.


While traveling to Cancun, I received an email that the JW Cancun had deducted 180K points for this stay and my room no longer had a guaranteed king. This was an issue because this stay was booked with a 5 night TP and had a guaranteed king at time of booking. (The TP certificate had simply vanished. )Sadly, as the reservation was now "in progress" before I arrived...I couldn't view it.


I was able to call MR on a layover and get everything sorted out after 20 mins on the phone.


But why would Marriott think this is a good idea??? When we need to see this info, its important. To block it, is really not customer friendly. I have not seen a website development team miss so many steps.