Any possible way to reinstate Mariott Points

Discussion created by jpotocnik on Feb 20, 2018
Latest reply on May 15, 2018 by jgt.hotel

Does anyone know how to reinstate Mariott points?  I knew I had a number of points and had logged in last night to try and use only to learn they'd expired.  I was unaware they had expired.  I receive a great deal of promotional email from Marriott, but some how missed the notification that points expire.  I just spoke to someone on the phone and they told me they could not be reinstated.


I did some research on this discussion board and and see a lot of people saying they have had their expired points reinstated after they contact Marriott, and some of them said Marriott is much more friendly than how other hotels handle these similar issues. 


I am hoping someone will have suggestions as to what I can do now? It makes me sick these points expired.  I have always held Marriott in the highest regard.  Had I known my points were going to expire I would have definitely taken steps to make sure that didn't happen.  Any help would be gratly appreciated.