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3 certificates missing...Been a nightmare to get them back

Question asked by madhava.devarapalli on Feb 18, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2018 by lnburg

I had 3 free night certificates & when i was planning to use them for my upcoming stay in Jan'18, they were missing.


Called Marriott Rewards & reported the missing certificates on Jan 12th 2018. The agent explained that i used those 3 certificates for my reward stay at TownePlace Suites Charlotte Arrowood late last year.I explained that i did 8 reward stays for 37 nights from the period of Sep 9th to Nov 11th 2017 with bunch of check-in/outs in that 2 month period.

I used 240K points from my account for those 8 stays & not the certificates & i've my reservation confirmation emails to prove it. So, he said that the property took the points & the certificates as well by mistake. He created a case to have those 3 certificates returned.


Waited until Feb 18th and still don't see the certificates back. Called the Rewards Help Desk & spoke to Supervisor Drew. He hardly listens. After several attempts of explaining the issue. He credited the 3 certificates back into my account & wrapped up the call.


After few hours, i noticed 2K points debited from my account. Called back again & spoke to agent Maddy. She explained that Drew adjusted 20K points from my account to return the 3rd certificate and Supervisor Drew informed me. First of all he didn't inform me that he is debiting 20K points. Second of all, i already paid 240K points for those 8 stays. She said that this is the best they could do to return the certificates & requested me to call back on Feb 20th.


I spent close to 3 hours on calls in the last 40 days to get it resolved & i'm not getting any satisfactory help. I travel every week & i have called up the Rewards Desk several times over the years. But, never had to deal with agents & supervisors with no listening skills, no motivation to understand & help and literally i don't care attitude. Not sure if they are worried about their jobs due to the merger.


Been a Plat Elite for the last several years & have stayed more than 1000 nights with Marriott & i'm not happy with the response communitymanagers Can u help?