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Marriott Cancelled Our Spring Break Villa!

Question asked by kwothe on Feb 15, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2018 by mkuenne

A Marriott Customer Care person called today and canceled our spring break villa at Crystal Shores due to incomplete construction. This 7 night 2 bedroom villa stay is only 3 weeks away. We have thousands of dollars of plane tickets bought and plans made. We are Chairman Club owners. They had no options of places for us to stay. They had not negotiated any hotel deals for us or a menu of options for us to choose from to switch our stay into. None of these options would have included a kitchen and the many amenities that we expect at a vacation club but it would at least be something. Also it would prevent us from spending hours and hours trying to find other options. The Custormer Care person who called me could not have been less caring. He just was silent most of the time and had no resources available to help me. I asked 4 times to speak to a manger, he refused to get me anyone. I called back into corporate office and they would not allow to me speak to anyone else either. I used to think this was a reputable company. Today has changed me mind. We used to be a walking Marriott commercial, now how could we would never recommend Marriott to anyone. So very disappointing.