Heading to France again for another Gothic architecture tour!

Discussion created by lakeshore on Feb 13, 2018

We are heading to France again for another Gothic architecture tour! This is a last minute trip, so we have been busy making plans. Our teenage sons especially are looking forward to getting to see Beauvais, Soissons, Troyes, Bourges, and there are even some Gothic churches we haven't been to in Paris! They have done the research and will be our guides. We are very excited! We will also go to Pierrefonds and Vincennes to tour the castles. And the food...I am looking forward to the delicious food!

We are planning on a stay at the Renaissance Vendome, which you know I love! So we will be in the heart of it all!

If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know. I might need Pluto77 and Prof Chiara to come and be my guides!


You insiders have helped me immensely with travel over the many years, and I thank you very much!

Happy Travels,