Il Ciocco - Barga, Lucca - and THE BACHELOR!?!!?

Discussion created by ssindc on Feb 12, 2018
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My family just yelled at me (while I working, not just in another room, but on another floor) to tell me that - on tonight's installment of The Bachelor (which I cannot watch - OK, I can't even stand being in the same room) - the Bachelor is staying at one of my all time favorite properties - the exquisite Renaissance Il Ciocco in Barga, Lucca (Tuscany) in Italy... and, when I went to confirm, there he is (with his woman of the moment) walking the splendid, gorgeous, tranquil cobbled stairs/alleys of Barga.


again, ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Who knows, maybe fschumpert or iahflyr or others Insiders can find the silver lining in this ominous, dark, and painful cloud....