For you married road warriors (your spouse's status)

Discussion created by strangelove on Feb 12, 2018
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I've been lurking for a few weeks (truly some great advice here), but I finally started an account and wanted to share something for you road warriors (I'll define it as 75+ nights a year) with spouses. I've seen a number of posts from (presumably older) members worrying if their status would transfer to their spouses, and sadly, it doesn't. Even if you're married, your LTP status means nothing for your husband/wife when you're gone.


Well, 4 years ago, my husband got a new job that required a lot of travel. Fortunately (in a weird way), his credit was shot at the time, but mine was strong, so I went ahead and opened a MR Rewards Chase card and MR account. So while he was traveling (around 150-200 nights a year), he was maintaining Platinum status, but I was also accruing points and stays. Thanks to his extensive stays and rollover (sadly, now gone), I hit Gold the second year. So when we traveled together (either for a vacation, a weekend getaway, or the occasional time I joined him on his trips), after we hit Gold (since the rewards aren't that much different from Platinum), we started staying on my account instead of his (it also helped that we got married in a Marriott during this time, which of course went on my card).


Basically, by doing this, he's already reached LTP, and I'm currently Platinum and around 100 nights away from LTGold.


So if you're spending at least 75 nights a year (guaranteeing your own Platinum status for the following year) and worried that something might happen to you, consider getting your spouse to get the Chase card (or whatever incarnation it takes in the coming year). It will take you longer to reach lifetime status, but you'll also be ensuring that your spouse has his/her own status should something happen to you.