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Just had a 4 night stay ay this refurbished grand old property on Central Park South across from Central Part in Mid Town Manhattan, NYC.  First of all, I checked in at 11 am on Monday morning and my room was ready!  Great start.  The fellow at the front desk reported that my room was a nice one, "much better than your last room here" he said.   Sweeter words are seldom spoken.  As I rode the elevator to the 37th floor, I wondered what was in my future.  I arrived at my room, opened the door, and realized I was entering the living room of my 2 room suite!  The remodeled room was much nicer than I had remembered, the quietness was welcomed, the view was outstanding, and the comfort was wonderful.  The Concierge lounge, located on the first floor near the elevators, is one of the nicest I have come across.  Stocked with all the necessities, and the buffet loaded wit really good stuff.  Finally, the workout room was more than efficient.   Of course, I would be remiss if I didn't make note of all of the courteous employees that greeted me often and were at my becoming call throughout my stay.


Bravo, Essex House!  You hit it out of the ballpark.