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When will late check out requests be processed correctly?

Question asked by irenie on Feb 11, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2018 by nmballoonist

i checked in yesterday at Courtyard San Diego Central. Upon arrival, two of the front desk agents were about to have a discussion and as I stood there looking at both of them to see which agent I should go to, one of them hesitantly said that she’ll help me.


I gave her my last name and my ID which has always been sufficient enough for an agent to pull up my confirmation. Even though my ID was on the desk for her to take a look at, she still asked for my confirmation number and kind of just stared at my ID. So I pull out my phone, go on the app, and get her the confirmation number as well. After all the digging around for the confirmation number, I showed her my phone, and she immediately just said “oh I already got you pulled up.”  Then why ask for a confirmation number what I provided you earlier (ID and last name) was already enough???


The biggest issue I’ve had with Marriott ever since I became a rewards member and got their credit card was the late check out. I made a post about a month or two about this issue at another property as well.


I called in advance from my room the night before asking for the 4pm check out that Gold members get as a perk. The agent on the phone was very kind and said he’ll get it in the system.


I came back from running a bunch of errands this morning, drove to a side door that was closest to our room to get to my room ASAP so that I can relax a bit before needing to head out again for the rest of the day. Right when we got to the side entrance and tapped our card, we got the red light meaning that our card was deactivated... being tired and exhausted did not help my situation as we then had to go all the way around the building and back to the front desk to activate our card again.


I told the the front desk agent that we had to go all the way around and we called last night to confirm the late check out, but we got a simple response of, “oh we need to extend it.” First of all, the agent last night should have already done so when we called down, and if we needed to physically go down to get a new extended card then we should have at least been told that. I would have much rather gone down there last night to get another card, than be locked out after a long morning.


Im not sure what the process is at Marriott hotels, but this has happened to me multiple times st multiple properties. I used to not say much about it, but when this happens more than half the times you’re staying st a hotel and you need to go back and forth to get something you requested the day prior then it becomes quite a nuisance. There have been times where I would go all the way to my hotel room and have to go all the way back down stairs with loads of stuff because the late check out was not processed correctly.


Not to mention, when housekeeping comes knocking on your door when you’re trying to put in an hour nap is just incredibly insane! There needs to be better communication with front desk and housekeeping as they have knocked on my door multiple times before and all I wanted to do was just slip in a short nap before getting back on the road again. And this has happened at multiple hotels, multiple times as well. When will they ever get this 4pm check out thing right?!


This is may not seem like a huge deal in the beginning, but when it happens so frequently as a gold member, it does leave a bad taste in my mouth especially when I always opt to stay at Marriott brand hotels. There have been a couple times where I’ve stayed at Hilton brand hotels with my friends and these requests are always processed correctly........


These last few experiences have definitely made me consider switching over to the Hilton credit card and start to use their brand more...