Marriott IT Solution - Enough is Enough...Fix It!

Discussion created by arizonatag on Feb 10, 2018
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The Marriott Information Technology group needs to kick it up a level and fix all the problems between the App, US Website and UK Website not syncing up, giving false information, and generally not too functional. Some folks are noticing points missing from their accounts, others don't know whether they're Platinum Elite or Platinum Premier Elite, forced to change passwords, logging in multiple times to the same web-session, etc.

Enough is enough...Marriott needs to fix this, synchronize websites (US and International Versions) with their App so that members can hold trust and faith that their personal information is being protected properly and that it is being accurately recorded and reflected in the multiple platforms.

communitymanagers is it time to get the plethora of IT issues elevated outside of Customer Service and into Marriott Management eyes? Should we be concerned that our Credit Card information on file is being properly protected if something as simple as website administration are misreporting elite status and points?