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Discounts vs. Rates for Military Members

Question asked by jd4859 on Feb 9, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2018 by uatraveler1k

Good Day,

I'd like to know does Marriott offer Military Discounts or just STANDARD rates for Service members?

There are times in which I try to reserve a room but the Marriott Members Rate and or the Standard Rate is Cheaper than the government rate.

Sometimes it's vice-versa.

So for example, there's a room I'm looking to book right now, see attached screen-shot,  going for $170 with the Standard Rate/Member's Rate. But their "Special Government/Military" Rate is $180.

Is this a standard rate for military members or supposed to be a discount? In the question title...Rate vs. Discount?

I don't understand. Can someone please help me, make this, make sense.

Any Information would be greatly appreciated.