Platinum Elite Lifetime Member Disappointment

Discussion created by rockne0304 on Feb 8, 2018
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Just got off the phone with the Elite Desk and can say I am quite disappointed.

A few weeks ago I was an invited speaker at a conference that required 2 overnights on the weekend. When I checked in I was informed that the Organizers of the conference would be paying for my room and I only needed to leave a card for incidentals. At that time I inquired if I would still get the 2 night credit as well as my Platinum arrival gift and points for declining housekeeping. I was told by the desk attendants that yes I would. I also double checked that they had my Marriott Rewards Number on file.

After not seeing anything post for the last 13 days, I reached out to Marriott Rewards and was informed that since I did not pay for the room, that I would not be receiving any of the credit/points. They then informed me that I should have called them to verify the front desk information, as the front desk doesn't understand how the Rewards Program works.

As someone that stays between 80-110 nights a year in Marriott's (exclusively) I am a little upset by this response.

I understand that as a Lifetime Platinum member the nights don't matter but, the bonus points, although relatively nothing, are something that should be awarded regardless of who pays.

I guess loyalty only goes so far....