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Ultimate Reservation Guarantee for Silver Elite, How do I attach my Rewards number to Reservation?

Question asked by travellingwithkids on Feb 6, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2018 by btk

Hi Everyone!

We checked in to a Marriott recently and they were overbooked and moved us to a nearby hotel for 2 of our 4 nights. Our parking and 2 breakfasts were given to us at no charge. I wasn't aware of the Guarantee which includes 90,000 Marriott points until our return. I phoned the Elite phone line to ask if the points were awarded automatically and was told we would hear from the hotel directly. The hotel emailed and indicated that our reservation did not include my husband's Marriott rewards number and therefore we do not qualify.

I am confused by this, as I made the reservation online, directly with Marriott while signed into my husband's account. He received the bonus 20% of Marriott points (for being Silver Elite) for the booking, and the stay shows up in his "Recent Stays" category online. In addition, we qualified for the "Look No Further Guarntee" which requires a Marriott Rewards number.

In case this happens in the future, I'd like to know what needs to be done to add the number to the reservation. We replied to the email with this question, but have had no response.