Marriott decreased SPG booking window :(

Discussion created by starguy on Feb 8, 2018
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Today Starwood members learned that soon we will no longer be able to reserve rooms 550 days in advance. Marriott is decreasing this window to 350(see below)


Since special events, concerts, holidays, prides, spring breaks tend to slightly vary each year. The SPG's 18 month calendar has personally helped me secure a room before most people realize the date of the event.


For ex. Memorial Day is observed on the "last Monday of May" every year, that could fall anywhere between May 25 thru May 30.  So while most people are planning Memorial Day 2018. I would be planning/booking Memorial Day 2019 to stay ahead of the pricing game or grabbing a room via points before its sold out.


Well it was fun while it lasted Now is the time to grab April 2019 booking before Marriott changed it.


-Star Guy

SPG “rabid” Loyalist







"Beginning February 11th, to closer align with Marriott’s booking policies, SPG will adjust its booking window. New reservations at SPG hotels (paid + redemption) will only be available for 350 days in advance (vs. up to 550 days). Existing reservations beyond 350 days, will not be affected and can be viewed or modified on or by contacting the SPG customer contact center."


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