My Newb Experience So Far with Marriott

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My background has most of my stays (about 900 nights) with Hilton.  I have stayed a bit with Starwood (maybe a couple hundred nights) and over the years just over a couple hundred nights with Marriott but that is spread over many years so no real opinion of them.  Well, I have had Gold status for several years due to the partnership with United and after having a few stays at Marriott was pretty impressed with my treatment as Gold.  I have Diamond with Hilton several years but didnt find it doing much for me (at least beyond Gold) so decided to give the Plat challenge and Marriott a try.


Here are the stays I have had so far and a brief description of my experience at the property.


Courtyard Prague Airport - Well, it was a Courtyard and didnt expect much but it was fine and we really just stayed there as it was walking distance to the airport.  One of the things I liked about Hilton is breakfast at all properties including Garden Inn which I equate to being similar to a Courtyard.  Well, I knew going in that Golds dont get anything at a Courtyard and I wasnt disappointed.   It was a fine hotel though particularly for the price and location.


Marriott Putrajaya - I like Malaysia, particularly with the great exchange rate to the US Dollar these days.  This property was over the top good in service with people at the front door always greeting you from the doormen to a lady that seemed to do nothing but that....great people.  The front desk folks were friendly and helpful and the lounge was well setup and the staff were just as friendly and helpful a the others.  Gold treatment was excellent at and excellent property.  I can say that I havent had this good of an experience at any property that I have stayed at in the KL area. 


Renaissance Kuala Lumpur - This one didnt start off so well as I got to the front desk with a team of agents all looking other directions and didnt seem like they could look up to acknowledge the one guest that was there to check in.  Once the agent looked me up and noticed my status, here demeanor changed.  She then personally escorted me to the lounge where a very nice person checked me in and detailed the gold benefits.  Gave me a nice room with a half way view of the twin towers.  Ok, I am diggin this Marriott thing so far. 


JW Marriott Bangkok - So, I have stayed at about every property in Bangkok over the years (wife is from Thailand) but only the Marriott Exec Property on Sathorn as far as Marriott properties go and it was good but a bit ago.  What a reception!  Arrival with no shortage of people to help with bags and greet me.  There was then a lady greeting people and asking your name if checking in.  She has a list showing her who is who and so there was no need to go to the front desk as she would escort me to the lounge.  The lounge had a team of people checking me in and giving me all the details of the hotel etc. including the new rooms as they are in the middle of a renovation.  Every time I entered the lounge somebody was making sure I had a drink etc.  Anytime I needed anything somebody was there to help.  I will tell you that I have stayed at some nice properties in Bangkok and didnt measure up on the service level.


Courtyard Bangkok - Golds dont get anything at a Courtyard unless they have a lounge and this one does and while it isnt great as it is totally crowded but they do let you have breakfast in the restaurant which is actually a really really good breakfast offering.  The people are great and and the place is pretty nice for a Courtyard.  Gold benefits are great here.


Marriott Marquis Doha - This is a pretty swanky joint, maybe too nice for me!  The check-in at the elite desk was quick and thorough.  Explaining all benefits and all about the hotel, make to feel like a VIP.   We were upgraded to a very nice superior room with a nice view of the city and the sea.  Service was excellent the whole time and caint wait to return. 


Marriott Prague - At first it seemed a little lackluster as there wasnt much of a greeting upon entering but the checkin person thanked me a few times for being Gold and started to explain benefits but was interrupted as a manager came over to introduce herself and wish us a nice stay and if we needed anything to let her know.  This hotel was a little more hands off with regards to service but any encounter with staff was nothing but helpful.  Great location and a decent lounge offering.


So, my sample size is still small compared to all my stays with Hilton and compared to some of the people that are long time Marriott folks but so far I definitely feel like there is a "step up" in service and quality at Marriott properties so far and look forward to getting a much larger sample size throughout the rest of this year.  


Well, have I just been lucky or is this similar to your experiences?