What's to expect at Double TIPPLE

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Time to answer a few questions from the Insiders virtual mailbag.


Q: What is this Double TIPPLE thing I keep reading about?

A: TIPPLE is an acronym which stands for




          Pints &



The name was created by our very own brightlybob to refer to the large Insider Gathering held in Houston back in September 2016. Originally the second such gathering was dubbed "TIPPLE 2" until ne_travelingman came up with the more catchy name Double TIPPLE.

TIPPLE 2 .png


Q: When and where is Double TIPPLE?

A: This Insider Gathering will be April 27-29 at the Renaissance Arlington Capital View Hotel. For more details on the venue check out these links

Renaissance Arlington Capital View - Double TIPPLE Venue

Double TIPPLE Hotel and Booking Info


Q: Do I have to stay at the hotel to participate?

A: While it is highly encouraged that Insiders stay "where the action is," it is not required. A few folks are staying nearby. Some are making a mini-vacation out of it by arriving before Friday or staying later than Sunday. The majority will be in attendance Friday and Saturday nights, though a handful will just be there on Saturday.


Q: What sort of stuff is planned for the weekend?

A: Very little. Marriott has graciously agreed to host a reception for us on Saturday night from 7-9pm at the Renaissance Hotel. Other than that, you're on your own. I've heard a few folks mention wanting to catch a Washington National baseball game. Others are planning to visit the Smithsonian or the various monuments in town.


Q: How is Marriott involved?

A: It is important to note this event is not sponsored by Marriott. Double TIPPLE is organized by Insiders for Insiders. We are eternally grateful Marriott agreed to host the Saturday evening reception and for their help in securing a block of rooms at the Renaissance. Their involvement has made several aspects of the planning much easier, but should in no way be construed as an endorsement or that this is some sort of "official" Marriott event. 


Q: Is it too late to join?

A: Not unless you are reading this after we've all gone home. We've negotiated a special "Insider" rate at the hotel which needs to be booked by April 6, 2018. After that, you're on your own.Visit  Double TIPPLE Hotel and Booking Info for details on how to reserve a room using our rate. We've almost reached our allotment, so if you haven't booked yet, remember space is limited.


I think that covers most everything. If you're eager for more, search the site for TIPPLE or Double TIPPLE. You'll find quite a few discussion which you can read to your heart's content.


For those of you participating, see you in April.